TRI-STATE PAVING sEtting the standard since 1988


Asphalt driveway tipsDo not allow any work to be started without a signed, DETAILED contract! Make sure your contractor informs you fully, so any misunderstanding is avoided throughout construction.

When possible, try to be on site during construction or cell phone # is known, so any unforeseen complications will not halt any progress during construction.

Do not Fall for low initial price only to get surprised during construction with a "hidden" price increase.

Do not be deceived with asphalt thickness due to overlay overlap of original asphalt at edge. Check the center of the asphalt placement!

Be careful of "over" sealcoating driveway with latex emulsion sealer.
The asphalt surface is a oil base product, while the latex emulsion sealer is water based.
Sealcoating too often with this product will CAUSE cracks on the asphalt surface due to the different rates of expansion and contraction during seasonal climate change.

Don't think your asphalt needs excavated due to a bad sub-base because of numerous cracks on asphalt surface.
Cracks could be due to over sealcoating with latex emulsion sealer. Let the professional(s) inform you as what is required.

Remember: normally, all asphalt looks the same from the top, it is what's underneath and can't be seen that makes the difference from money well spent to money wasted.

Don't let any sub-base and binder asphalt be rolled in with a finishing roller. Small rollers are for patches and surface asphalt only!

Don't park any bikes or anything with small/narrow surfaces on new asphalt. If needed place plywood or 2x6 boards to help distribute weight.

Keep vehicle moving when turning tires on fresh asphalt or in high temps.

Cool new asphalt down with lawn sprinklers during high temps for first six months while asphalt cures.

At any Swales, especially at aprons keep drainage build-up and sediments cleared off driveway edge to prevent damming and water puddling.

Never fill up lawn motors or change oil on asphalt surfaces. Gas/oil will break down material immediately.

Anywhere there is handwork needed to place asphalt, larger stone will be more apparent.

Seams, no matter how nicely done will never be as flawless as the asphalt mat laid by paving machine.

Asphalt longevity needs:
Correct material specifications, proper compaction and proper water management.