TRI-STATE PAVING sEtting the standard since 1988


Asphalt longevity needs correct material specifications, proper compaction and proper water management.

We survey all sites to correct and create proper drainage to prevent water saturation to your investment.

We have DOT approved compaction equipment to insure your base materials and asphalt is sufficient.


Material Specs: Commercial asphalt material specs

Stone sub-base & asphalt compacted with min 3-5 ton vibratory roller where space allows.

Compaction is everything.

We use 4-6 ton vibratory roller.

We are the North East region paving contractor for the United States Federal Post Offices.

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Removing the existing asphalt will eradicate the compaction that has taken place from the years and years the surface has been in place. The more the better. We only remove asphalt if the adjacent structures are at their limits of elevation. Curbs/borders, garage floors and driveway aprons.

If the stone sub-base has settle over time to the point where the asphalt has visible alligator cracks and has failed, then the asphalt needs to be removed, the stone graded, recompacted then finally the asphalt layed.

If the surface is suitable for an overlay, a tack coat may be advisable to bond and adhere the existing and new layer of asphalt.

Leveling course prior to overlay to insure a consistent and uniform placement of materials.

Material specs:

Residential asphalt material Specs

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We have been a approved Department of Transportation paving contractor for over
a decade.

Material specs:

DOT paving contractor material Specs

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  • DOT paving contractor
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Fraction of the cost of hard scraping or stamped concrete.

Can be colored numerous shades.

Numerous stamp patterns.

Asphalt Patterns
Pattern Chart
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Asphalt Base
Apshalt base will restore the oil/tar content that oxidizes from the asphalt material. And make it pliable and less prone to cracks caused by climate change.

It will also allow the asphalt to be reheated like the plants do and allow the material to be manipulated to remove low areas and eliminate cracks, tire or plow damage.

Latex Emulsion
When applied, will be a thin membrane over surface to prevent oxidation.

Because it will cover asphalt rather than penetrate it, latex base sealers' color will appear to stay dark longer.

And is preferred when a commercial lot is sealed for the longer term contrast with parking stripes etc.

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Corrects the incorrect. Turns the flawed to flawless

Slowly, evenly heats asphalt and allows our experienced crew to manipulate as if it was new asphalt.

It allows us to correct damaged and cracked asphalt.

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